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 Personal Polygraph
There are times when we need to find out the truth once and for all! Maybe suspicions about a cheating spouse, theft in the home, undetected drug use or just simply lies that need to be confronted. Lets sit down, discuss the issue and find out if a polygraph with a validated technique used in many government situations, is what you need.  Cost will vary depending on the type and length of the test, and in most cases, we can come to an arrangement that fits your budget. 
 ATTORNEY’S - You need to know!
 Let’s face it, clients will routinely minimize or even lie about their involvement in an allegation to      you. They sometimes believe that if they can convince you, then you can convince the court. With your education and experience you know that’s not how to develop the best defense for your client. You do not want to be in the courtroom and find out some information that has a dramatic effect on your case. The polygraph process, through interviews and examinations, routinely yield vital information that helps you develop the best defense for your client, and can also reduce potential embarrassment in the courtroom.
  In criminal cases, civil cases, marital and family law, sex abuse allegations, insurance disputes, bankruptcy law and many other cases, a successful polygraph examination can be a very useful tool. A positive test result could be just the thing you need to help strengthen your case. There may also be some information that was revealed in the interview process which was not known to you before. And this may be the very thing you need to better represent your client.
  Information obtained from the interview, and the polygraph results, are confidential. So you have complete control of the release of any information pertaining to the polygraph.
If you decide that you want to schedule an examination for your client, call our office several days in advance so that we may discuss information you have, possible test questions and determine the best validated test technique to suit your needs. We can usually schedule the examination within two or three days after our initial conversation.
  You have the right and public obligation to be diligent when it comes time to hire new personnel. Be sure that the applicant you are considering is the right one with a polygraph examination. Specific areas of concern are basic background, driving records, financial history, military history, employment history, drug use history, criminal history, undetected crimes and for law enforcement, even sexual misconduct.
 Dont let the other security company get the contract because you relied on a simple background check and a drug screen to do your pre-employment screening. They only find out what drugs the applicant has had in the last week at best and what crimes they have been caught at! Lets find out what you don't know! Those are the things that will get you in a mess.
  We can contact you by phone the very same day as the exam, with the results. We can e-mail you a report by the next day along with a copy of the extensive questionnaire that your applicant and the examiner reviewed thoroughly during the interview.
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